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Microsoft Office Classes

Microsoft Word

~Microsoft Word is a Word Processing program used for creating documents
Word Level 1 Introduction

This introductory course begins with exploring the Microsoft Word screen and parts. Taking a tour of the ribbon and tools while beginning to locate the most commont tools and learning immediately how to save time while using the program. Students will learn to create a basic document; edit documents; find and modify text, and format text and paragraphs. Additionally, students will learn to add tables, pictures and other graphic elements to a document, control a document’s page setup and its overall appearance, and use review tools to help make documents accurate.
Prerequisite:  Windows Introduction

Word Level 2

In this course, students create complex documents and build personalized efficiency tools.  Additionally, they will learn to manage lists; customize tables; customize formatting with styles and themes; modify pictures in a document; create customized graphic elements; control text flow; and use templates to automate document creation.
Prerequisite:  Word Level 1

Word Level 3

Now that you are pretty savvy in Microsoft Word, learn to take your skills to the next level with tracking changes, cover pages, setting restrictions and passwords, and templates. Also, learn to work with large documents by creating bookmarks, footmarks, endnotes, Table of Contents, and more.
Prerequisite:  Word Level 2

Word: Mail Merge

In this course students will learn how to: create mail merges using the Ribbon; set up the main document and create or import data sources for letters, emails, and mailings. We will also discuss filtering and sorting the data source.
Prerequisite:  Word Level 2

Word: Forms

Microsoft Word contains automating tools to allow users to create forms for others for easy data entry. These tools include tables, text/number fields, checkboxes, drop-down lists, protection, and read-only options.
This course includes step-by-step instruction, repetitive practice, and start to finish form completion and editing.
Prerequisite:  Word Level 2

Microsoft Excel

~Microsoft Excel is a Spreadsheet program used for calculating, charting organizing data and more
Excel Level 1

Students taking this course will explore the Excel environment; create a basic worksheet; perform calculations; modify a worksheet; format worksheets; print workbook contents; and manage large workbooks. 
Prerequisite:  Windows

Excel Level 2

Objectives in this course include creating and enhancing multiple types of charts; sorting, filtering and working with lists and Pivot Tables; and calculating with advanced formulas. In addition, students will learn to work with conditional formatting, linking cells, working with comments and more.
Prerequisite:  Excel Level 1

Excel Level 3

Students taking this course will learn even more in-depth Excel tools like Advanced table and Chart tools, formatting, creating and working with forms, and customizing.
Prerequisite:  Excel Level 2

Excel Quick Tips

Learn and review some timesavers to get the most out of Excel. Quickly selecting, checking formulas, finding data, setting up a quick form, and working with multiple sheets are some of the super-saver topics covered in this class.
Prerequisite:  Excel Level 2

Microsoft OneNote

~OneNote is an organizational notebook program included with Microsoft Office. It is very useful for creating notes, instructions, agendas, meeting notes, research and more.
OneNote Introduction

Students attending this class will get a tour of the Notebook program, learn about creating Notebooks, sections, pages, and searching for items in notebooks. Additionally, this class covers some of the useful tools like tags, drawing, page types, and more.

OneNote In-Depth

So, you started using OneNote but you want to utilize more tools? Take this class to learn some tips and tricks about making the included intuitive tools work for you. Users are invited to bring an existing notebook along to class on a flash drive.
Prerequisite: OneNote Introduction

Microsoft Outlook

~Microsoft Outlook is a Productivity program used for working with and organizing Email, Calender, Contacts and more
Outlook Introduction

 This course will provide users with the skills needed control the email experience in Outlook, as well as an overview of contacts and calendars. Students will learn how to identify the components of the Outlook environment and help get organized and become more productive.

Other Outlook classes available:
  • Calendar/Meetings In-Depth
  • Email In-Depth
  • Quick Tips
  • Tasks In-Depth
  • Working with Contacts

Microsoft PowerPoint

~Microsoft PowerPiont is a presentation program used for combining text and graphic elements to create a viewer slideshow.
PowerPoint Introduction

This course will teach students the fundamentals of PowerPoint. They will learn to create a presentation; format text on slides; add graphical objects to a presentation; modify objects on slides; add tables and charts to a presentation; and prepare to deliver a presentation.

PowerPoint In-Depth

In this course, students will learn how to add diagrams, special effects, audio, video and more. Additionally, they will use the various options to customize slide shows; use PowerPoint to collaborate on a presentation; and finalize a presentation.
Prerequisite: PowerPoint Introduction

Microsoft Publisher

~Publisher is a desktop publishing program used to create flyers, brochures, newsletters and other creative media
Publisher Introduction

In this course, students will take a tour of the program, learn parts of the screen and use templates to create documents. Additionally, they will create a simple document from a blank page. 

Publisher In-Depth

Now that you have worked in Publisher, it’s time to learn to work with more in depth settings. Learn how create, manage, revise, and distribute publications. 
Prerequisite: Publisher Introduction

Publisher Tips

So you work with Publisher, but feel like you could get around faster and are unsure about some of the newer features? Take this class to learn some quick tips and explore some of the less frequented areas of Publisher. 
Prerequisite: Publisher Introduction

Microsoft Access

~Microsoft Access is a database management system used to organize and relate large amounts of data
Microsoft Access Introduction

In this course, students will examine basic database concepts and explore the Access environment. 
Prerequisite:  Excel Level 2

Microsoft Access Level 2

In this course, students will modify the design and field properties of tables, create queries to display specified records; enhance the capabilities of forms; and customize reports.
Preqrequsite:  Access Level 1

Relational Database Design

Now that you know how to manipulate an existing Database perhaps you are ready to design your own. This theory course explains the important decision-making process of planning a database. Students will plan out the steps to create a database in Access.  
Prerequisite:  Access Level 1